Machias Community Church

The ladder to heaven 

Posted by Pastor Ron Saturday, October 15, 2011 6:00:00 AM

The stairs to the left in the picture above lead to the roof top of an Acuma dwelling. The ceremonial ladder in the middle of the picture leads to the same place.

Religion is like that. Special rituals can make us think we are getting somewhere special but if we open our eyes and look around we see the truth.

However there is a real ladder to Heaven. Jacob dreamed about it and two thousand years later Nathanael found it.

The 'ladder' to Heaven is made of neither wood nor religion. The true way to Heaven is a person: Jesus.

1 Timothy 2:5  "There is only one God, and Christ Jesus is the only one who can bring us to God. Jesus was truly human, and he gave himself to rescue all of us."