Machias Community Church

Thankful I could have a $900 tooth pulled 

Posted by Pastor Ron Monday, May 19, 2014 8:29:00 AM

I'm thankful that I get to go to the dentist today (again) a week after having #31 pulled. This is just a one week post extraction check up to have stitches removed and see how the bone graft is doing.

It was back in February that the crown popped off and I first went to the dentist. They advised that I go to an endodontist and have the rebar removed (steel posts) and the root canal redone.

Instead I elected to go back to my old dentist and during a five hour ordeal he removed the posts and retreated the root canals and replaced the posts with titanium rods. That will be $900 please.

A month later I went back to my 'new' dentist to have the crown replaced and she informed me that I needed to go to an endodontist and see if the tooth could be saved. Huh?!

I made the appointment but first went back to my old dentist and he informed me that he was happy with the job he did and no - the X-ray was not showing a post sticking out of the root of the tooth.. that was sealant and that's the way he liked to do things.

The endodontist didn't agree and eventually (last week - three months after the crown came off) I went to an oral surgeon for an extraction and bone graft in prep for an implant.

Yes.. that is a post sticking out of the root of the tooth. Just like the X-ray showed. Plain. As. Day.

After four months healing of the bone graft a post will be implanted. After that heals (if it takes the first time) then I can have a fake tooth installed on the post.

I'm thankful that I can have this taken care of with such little trouble.

One of my brothers needs to have six teeth removed. He is going to have to spend 4 weeks getting daily hyperbaric chamber oxygen treatments prior to the extraction and then another two weeks of hyperbaric treatments post extraction. He had cancer some years ago and the radiation treatments killed the bone in his jaw. Now any dental work is risky business.

My dental issue is so minor by comparison I only mention it to say how thankful I am.