Machias Community Church

Show me the way home 

Posted by Pastor Ron Saturday, October 29, 2011 10:59:00 AM

The Mukilteo Lighthouse (among others) has shown me the way home on more than one dark and stormy night. The distinct light signature and foghorn sound pattern of each lighthouse is listed right there on the chart.

Many view Lighthouses as quaint and outmoded in these days of fog piercing radar, precision GPS and computer aided navigation. Still they continue to shine the light at night and sound the horn when there is fog.

Even though a boater may have radar, GPS and computer navigation they are still supposed to carry paper charts. Many don't... why bother when you have GPS?

There is a direct spiritual application here. How many of today's plugged-in Christians have a working knowledge of 'The Chart' that shows where we are and the way home? How many can hear and understand what the Spirit is saying? How many can see the light to follow it?

How about you?

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