Machias Community Church

Seeing isn't believing 

Posted by Pastor Ron Sunday, October 23, 2011 8:04:00 AM

At least not in the age of Digital Cameras and Photoshop. And sometimes it's hard to believe what you are actually seeing right there before your very eyes: Giant Lupines on the Kenai Peninsula!

Here in the Western Washington we are used to seeing evergreen trees that tower overhead ~ not the miniature forests we found in Alaska on the way to Glennallen. In fact the tiny trees seemed so 'unreal' I took a picture of Marilyn pointing to them to show how small they were.

Even when this image is viewed full size (18" x 12" at 240 dpi) I couldn't tell that it was Photoshopped except I know that it was. Knowing is Believing!


edit- for those interested in using Photoshop ~ the top picture has had the bottom picture layered into it using a mask. The technique is to open both images in PS as layers.

In this case I placed the image of Marilyn pointing at the little trees on top of the image of the flowers and mountains I took as a close up with the camera at ground level. I then put a white mask on the tree image and using a black brush on the mask <(important) I painted out the trees and sky letting the flowers, mountains and sky from the image underneath to show through.

When painting on a mask the saying is 'White reveals and black conceals'. In this case I wanted to conceal the small trees and bland sky so that the picture of the flowers and mountains would be revealed.

There are several ways to do this and once learned it only takes a few minutes. Having the right images to work with is probably more important that the actual technique! Perspective, lighting and transition line need to be compatible.