Machias Community Church

Scallop burgers 

Posted by Pastor Ron Monday, January 10, 2011 8:00:00 AM

Most food tastes best when cooked outside and when the temperature is 18°   or below... right?  Especially if you wrestle the raw ingredients off of a rock in 40° water.

Well, scallop burgers are no exception to the above!

I'm filing this under Recipes as well.   First chore will be to get the scallops.  The hardest way to do this will result in the best tasting scallop burger and is detailed below.  Don't take a short cut and go to the scallop store.

Plunge your old self into frigid saltwater where Rock Scallops are known to lurk.  They try to hide by pretending to be a rock but they can't help opening up a bit to look around.  This is the key to success vs failure for both parties.

They have eyes.  Lots of eyes.  And if they see you coming they will close up tight and you might just as well move along.  But if you can approach without being seen and insert your fillet knife into the shell the success~o~meter will register in your favor.  Cut the abductor muscle loose from both top and bottom shelf halves.  This muscle is the part you eat.

Now for the recipe: flash cook in a pan with melted butter.  Flash=fast and not too much.  Butter=the real stuff.  Go ahead and use real butter, you aren't going to be doing this on a regular basis.

About the bun... you don't need a bun.  Just eat the scallop.