Machias Community Church

Oh No!!! 

Posted by Pastor Ron Sunday, October 02, 2011 11:59:40 AM

I hear my grandson Kael says this a lot. I personally don't hear him say it since he lives in Joplin Missouri... I just hear that he does say it.  And that is what I said Friday as I dropped my Nikon camera.

I was using a sync cord attached to a strobe light and tripped on the cord which in turn pulled the camera out of my hand. Of course the camera landed lens first on the metal door sill instead of the rug that was only inches away.

It was with a sickening feeling that I picked it up. It is a heavy camera and the lens itself is heavy. Whew... the door sill was fine!

But the lens filter ring was obviously damaged and as I turned it face up I expected to see a shattered front element since the hood was in reversed position and there was no cap protecting the lens.

Mercy of Mercies. The front element of the lens is perfect without scratch or blemish.

I can either replace the plastic ring that contains the filter threads or just live with it since it all still works fine. Being somewhat OCD I will probably opt to get it fixed.

So I thank the Lord that the lens was not broken irreparably. And I would still have thanked the Lord even if it had been destroyed because we are to thank God in all things.

And I thank God that the worst that escaped my lips was "Oh No!!!"