Machias Community Church

Frog Count Contest 

Posted by Pastor Ron Saturday, August 20, 2011 7:00:00 AM


How many frogs are in this picture?

If you can guess the number correctly you can have a bucket full to start your own frog farm. To make it easier roll your mouse over the picture to show the frogs circled in red.

Under the large red circle is a full grown bullfrog hiding in the lily pads ~ probably snacking on the smaller ones.

But don't worry there will still be plenty to award the 'Bucket-O-Frogs' prize. In the picture below there are even more bullfrog puppies just waiting to be adopted into a loving home.

Winner will be responsible for securing the unobtainable Washington State Fish & Wildlife permit for transporting live Bullfrogs as they are a non-native invasive species.