Machias Community Church

Cold shoulder 'christianity' 

Posted by Pastor Ron Tuesday, October 18, 2011 7:51:00 AM

A visitor comes into church and no one greets them with a smile ~ only a sideways glance. No one sits near them ~ so they sit alone. No one gets to know them after the church service ~ everyone is busy talking to their own kind friends.

I hope this never happens in your church. I hope it has never happened to you. I hope that you've never been the one giving the cold shoulder.

The heron on the left above has two good excuses for giving the cold shoulder: it's relationship skills are rusty and it isn't a real heron. Which is obvious, both to us and the real heron standing next to it.

And of course the same could be said about cold shoulder christianity ~  either rusty or inauthentic ~ maybe both. Something to think about anyway.

Special note to koi keepers, or at least those who want to keep their koi: great blue heron are not deterred by heron decoys. Even waving your hands wildly and shouting while running toward your pond isn't always effective. Buy a camera and re-purpose your pond instead. You might not keep your koi but at least you will keep your sanity.