Machias Community Church

Buy the fish and I'll throw in the boat 

Posted by Pastor Ron Tuesday, February 08, 2011 8:00:00 AM

We always took care of Arwetheryet, considering it a gift from God. That is an amazing story of retracted but still answered prayer that I intend to share here in the near future.

Arwetheryet (so named because it was slow and we had kids onboard) had taken us throughout Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands, British Columbia and as far North as Alaska.  But the time had come for us to part with it.

We removed all of our personal effects and started cleaning what was already a very clean boat.  Yesterday I shared about our bottom cleaning team.  After that was done we repainted the bottom ( click for more pictures), put fresh paint in the engine room, renewed the brightwork (boatspeak for sand and varnish the teak) and took care of all mechanical maintenance items.

And we cleaned the fish.  Arwetheryet had bronze fish holding up the teak swim platform.  They were special and there was the fleeing thought of removing them and replacing them with the standard bracket.

You know... keep the fish as a memento.  But after all the work we had done to make Arwetheryet special, removing the fish would have been a skunky thing to do.  So we sold the fish and threw the boat in for free.