Machias Community Church

Bill Hopkins graduated early 

Posted by Pastor Ron Tuesday, October 04, 2011 7:37:00 AM

Bill Hopkins was so excited to attend the Contenders startup at McKenna Community Church. He had always wanted to go to Bible College but hadn't been able to. Now finally after all these years Bible College had come to him.

This is why we try to start Contenders in as many places as we can ~ so that people like Bill will have the opportunity that otherwise would have been logistically, geographically and financially out of reach.

Bill attended the first two class sessions and graduated the next day. The picture above is of Bill writing on the timeline at the end of Wednesday's class as Mel and Chris look on. The next day he was in Heaven.

This could very well be the last picture taken of Bill and isn't it fitting that he was busy studying God's Word in Bible College.

Where are you on your personal timeline?

(photo by Marilyn SalleƩ)