Machias Community Church

Before and After 

Posted by Pastor Ron Wednesday, October 26, 2011 6:00:00 AM

The above is an unfortunate example of accidental underexposure. It is a picture that we wanted but it was unusable straight out of the camera.

I like before and after pictures of a subject that has changed. This is a before and after where the picture itself is the 'subject that has changed'.

On my computer I made a 'few tweaks' [understatement] using Lightroom's development module and was able to adjust the exposure level among other things. Not perfection but definitely usable for our purposes.

This is a parable of sorts. How much more can God, who spoke light and everything else into existence, make adjustments to your life. And He can do more than make it usable ... what He does is not just good enough ... it is perfect!


For those interested in the details: the Nikon D7000 shutter speed was accidently changed from 1/30 of a second to 1/1250 of a second. That is more than 5 stops of underexposure. Even at ISO 1600, which the D7000 does quite well, that just isn't enough light.

Using Lightroom after the fact I increased the exposure by 3.5 stops, upped the brightness level and then added copious amounts of luminance and color noise reduction.